New public art – my piece for Tony Thomas’ installation “Rhythm and Sound” on Portobello Wall in the 'blog Section'

I was pleased to be asked to create a new work – it was for the latest Portobello Wall exhibition “Rhythm and Sound” designed and curated by Tony Thomas.

I decided to pay homage to the Carnival Eelders and my piece is called “Wise Men of the Sound System”. The characters I drew with pens, then I created a backdrop that was a mixed media layered image composed of an old carnival photo from the family album and a drawing of speakers.

I am pleased with the result and glad that “Wise Men” have their place within a collection of photos and artworks about music rhythm and sound from the area that were taken over a number of years by many different artists. I think Tony has put it together really well – it was clearly a huge amount of work to get all the work from the artists and to add the QR codes and build the website to go with it. Tony deserves a medal.